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Our History

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Beginning history Norm's Auto Repair is rich with history and a part of Springfield's heritage...

  • 1921: O.C. Thurman bought the feed stable from Barnes.
  • 1928 or 1929: The State of Oregon condemned the land to build the Main Street bridge across the Willamette River. Thurman built the gas station with an outside lube pit at the west end of the office.
  • In the late 30’s or early 40’s he sold to John McGinty and he hired C.B. “Punk” Dunnington to run it and later sold the station to C.B. He first added two bays and enclosed one pump island for an office and parts room. C.B. closed the station for one year when the government issued ration stamps.
  • 1945: When C.B. was discharged from the service he reopened the station. In 1945 he added the third bay and machine shop area.
  • Later in history 1946: When Carl “Bud” Dahlquist (Norm's dad) was discharged from the Air Force he stopped by to see Punk and was asked to fill in for a week while one of his mechanics went to Portland.
  • 1948: Harley, (Bud’s brother) was hired.
  • 1959: Bud quit, went to work for Ralph Keeney at his shop up the Mohawk.
  • 1960: Bud & Bob Wilcox open Mohawk Texaco and hired Jim Smith.
  • January 1, 1961: Bud ended partnership with Bob and bought the business from Punk, brought Jim with him to Mill & Main. Bud bought the property a couple of years later when Punk died.
  • 1971: The building was remodeled again to connect the office to the shop, moved the front wall of the first two bays out two feet, raised the ceiling in the first two bays, added roll up doors, added new front on office, new restrooms, changed from metal walls to block walls on storage room and changed roof line on the office and canopy.
  • 1972: Norm Dahlquist started working here after graduating from high school. Norm’s brother Wayne was also working here at that time. After a couple of years, Bud started taking more time off thus shifting more responsibilities and duties to Norm and Wayne and in 1975 Wayne quit.
  • 1980: Upgrades were done to electric service, new furnace was added (had oil furnace), added benches and bookshelves, sheet rocked and insolated ceiling of third bay and machine shop area.
  • January 1st, 1981: Norm purchased business from Bud, and since then here are some changes that have taken place.
  • 1983: Converted one restroom into a office, purchased first computer for business management, repainted exterior (gray, red & black).
  • Dec. 31, 1986: Jim Smith retired.
  • latest change in history 1988: Installed shop exhaust fan system, removed gas pumps and tanks , changed name to Norm’s Auto Repair.
  • 1989: Harley retired and building was repainted gray, blue and blue.
  • 1992: Concrete floor was replaced and shop was rearranged to improve efficiency and make it possible to get another vehicle in the shop.

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